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bellows Model 1.jpg
bellow view 2.jpg

'a unique 

gallery space


by a series

of bellows



x contract'



'a harmonising

rail system allows

the curation of

 less or more,

 the bellows

 act as





a. Fully expanded configuration


b. Half expanded configuration


c. one third expanded configuration




Bellows is a unique approach to gallery design; this highly flexible system can create multiple configurations for any type of exhibition. A series of reflective panels connected together to create a concertina or “Bellow” flow through the space forming a unique gallery. Hung from a suspended harmonising rail system the bellows can contract and expand to allow for smaller or larger spaces to be configured. This approach allows gallery curators to adapt the space to the needs of each exhibition. These panels act like a prism gently reflecting light from the skylights around the space. The harmonising rail system allows a curator to add pieces between the bellows which act as contemporary background to the art. A creative incubator at the rear of the warehouse takes advantage of this configuration, allowing resident creative’s to testbed ideas: encouraging a culture of adaption and collaboration.


Date - 2020 Cost M2 - N/A GIFA - 100m2 Visuals - Sequence Model - Rogerio Lunsende

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