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20211030_METCALFE_GBR_Cadbyrie_Architecture_Shoot_With_Hyperspace_Architects _20199.jpg

'an expressive

that cohesively
unites the




'this angular
sculpted soffit
tapers back
front door
a sense of an
intimate embrace
‘a warm sense
of arrival'


20211030_METCALFE_GBR_Cadbyrie_Architecture_Shoot_With_Hyperspace_Architects _20259.jpg
20211030_METCALFE_GBR_Cadbyrie_Architecture_Shoot_With_Hyperspace_Architects _20199.jpg
20211030_METCALFE_GBR_Cadbyrie_Architecture_Shoot_With_Hyperspace_Architects _19841.jpg


Located in the suburban Borough of Ealing, London, United Kingdom. A tired mid-century home is reinvigorated by converting a redundant garage. Like many houses of this age the original garage space has become obsolete with the width of modern vehicles. Retrofitting the space to become useable is an obvious move in London, but it’s also a sustainable move. Creating a unique sense of arrival and identity to the house was key, our approach was to create an expressive but seemingly floating plane that cohesively unites the façade. This angular sculpted soffit tapers back towards the front door stimulating a sense of an intimate embrace ‘a warm sense of arrival’. This floating plane is cantilevered from the main house, a natural pocket beneath revitalises the entranceway with a sense of grandeur. The open plan interior is centred around the ‘conversation pit’ this sunken seating area is modest, designed just for a family of five. Much like the exterior the interior mimics the language of the under-croft the bespoke plywood joinery wraps the wall and ceiling above the pit. Concealed ambient lighting integrated into each step furthers the warmth of the timber. The plywood panel’s part to reveal a cinema entertainment system and an abundance of storage.


A charcoal blue hue of the bespoke dyed and oiled charred Larch timber is supplemented with the warm hues and undertones of Red Cedar to complete the palette. The timber skin wraps around perimeter of intervention, veiling the window and concealing the front door which declutters the façade. Concealed within this skin is a digitally controlled parcel cupboards and an electric car charging point all intended to futureproof the design.


Date - 2021 Cost M2 - £1945 GIFA - 18m2 Structural Engineer - Constant Contractor - Marek Dec Photographer - Alexander Metcalfe

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