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'a unique approach to 

gallery design,

a series of reflective panels

form a highly flexible

bellow which can

grow & contract'

bellows Model 1.jpg

Set in Tring, Hertfordshire, Dark Matter is a purpose built bespoke studio for fellow collaborator Wayne & Jo. 

The façade is made from 670 charred larch scales, using two different grades of char the facade using a subtle pattern of blacks.  Two hooded window seats perforate the façade designed as places to sit and contemplate or work, inside or out. 

The entrance is corner counter levered which forms around a extra wide centre pivoting door. This door was custom made for the project and uses black corrugated metal. 

Inside to contrast the black exterior a muted pale timber palette creates a sense of relaxation. 

“The Bellows” is a unique approach to gallery design; this highly flexible system can create multiple configurations for any type of exhibition. A series of reflective panels connected together to create a concertina or “Bellow” flow through the space creating a unique gallery and incubator space.

These panels act like a prism gently reflecting light from the skylights around the space. The harmonising rail system allows a curator to add pieces between the bellows which act as contemporary background to the art.


The 20 desk creative incubator at the rear of the warehouse takes advantage of this rail system, allowing resident creative’s to testbed ideas: encouraging a culture of adaption and collaboration.

final model 03 small.jpg