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define the interior,

perforations within

create an

ambient space







Located in the Borough of Ealing, London this town house is common of the era cheaply constructed and lacking character. Our intervention will reinvigorate a tired kitchen / dining space allowing the creation of a modest extension at the ground floor. Minimised the amount of steel and concrete used in the structure and foundations was key to ensure this building has a low carbon footprint. Constructed with a highly sustainable hybrid structure which uses 95% timber. We therefore worked with engineers to establish a clever design which only required a cemfree precast land beam instead of a traditional foundation footing. The extension is formed from rational interior and exterior panels which sit between the primary hybrid structure. The structure is expressed into a grid that highlights the facetted soffit panels.


Inspired by our collaborators travels these facets mimic a night beneath an Arabian night sky creating an atmospheric setting. This is acheived by perforations in the faceted soffit panels which are back lit creating a ambient glow in the evenings. Planters either side of the level change which forms the theshold to the extension allows nature to soften the boundary of house and garden. The exterior uses bespoke pressed recycled aluminium cladding sprayed with a texturising paint to allow over time a pertina of mosses and lichens to form encouraging biodiversity. Further to this a seasonal blossoming sedum green roof replaces the footprint of garden taken away by the intervention to rebalance the local ecosystem.


Date - 2019 Cost M2 - £1650 GIFA - 14m2 Structural Engineer - Constant Visuals - Hyper_ x Sequence Model - Rogerio Lunsende

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