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Located in the Borough of Ealing, London this town house is common of the era cheaply constructed and lacking character. Fellow collaborators Riz & Farah's lifestyle has meant the house doesn’t work for them anymore, they needed a new dimension. Our new intervention will reinvigorate a tired kitchen / dining space allowing the creation of a modest garden room at the ground floor. A highly sustainable new hybrid structure uses 95% timber an open grid lattice forms the rational clean lines of the space. Minimised the amount of steel and concrete used in the structure and foundations was key to ensure this building has a low carbon footprint.


Within the grid faceted panels form a perforated soffit back lite these facets form a elegant light feature. Inspired by our collaborators travels these facets mimic a night beneath an Arabian night sky creating an atmospheric setting. The connection to garden and nature is formed by morphing the line between inside and outside. Planting is encourage to grow inside to allow that closer connection to nature . The exterior uses bespoke pressed recycled aluminium cladding sprayed with a texturising paint to allow over time a pertina of mosses and lichens to form encouraging biodiversity. Further to this a seasonal blossoming sedum green roof replaces the footprint of garden taken away by the intervention to rebalance the local ecosystem.


Date - 2019 Cost M2 - £1650 GIFA - 14m2 Structural Engineer - Constant Visuals - Hyper_ x Sequence Model - Rogerio Lunsende

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