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'exploring the 

idea of privacy

with the act






Located in Borough of Fulham, London at the rear of a typical 19th Century Terrace House. A highly overlooked site led us to explore the ideals of peeking and privacy. A bespoke triangular skylight acts as a node point for the intervention, allowing restricted views from above. The roof geometry tucks and wraps around this node creating a tectonic folded geometry. At the rear of the intervention privacy is much less controlled with a set of sliding doors to a private garden beyond.


The interior palette is formed from complementary materials: white marble for all surfaces, white oiled Douglas Fir flooring in extra wide planks and textured white pigment plaster. The primary structure is wrapped in a mirror chrome to allow light refraction along the space. These white hue materials add depth and texture to the interior while helping to ease the low light levels in the previous extension.


Date - 2019 Cost Buget - £100k Visuals - Hyper_

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