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  'the ‘utility bay’ is a 

portal to new green tech

 such as:

home battery storage

x ground source

heat pumps'

Reflektor is a research project that aims to find a low cost, sustainable and transformational solution to home working and living.


Designed to allow homeowners to add an extension without the need for alteration works, foundations or planning (via permitted development). Using the existing houses openi`ngs Reflektor uses a docking technique to attach to the existing structure.


A unique construction method ‘long box technique’ allows an adjustable approach to construction for a variety of opening types and site scenarios. These sustainable prefabricated plywood boxes are fixed together allowing for a rapid construction of walls and doors. The structure is levelled and supported by two oak land beams that sit under the structure. The beams can be adjusted to the desired opening heights and levels of the site.


Reflektor’s interior is a high flexible living landscape which can be configured for multiple activities including meditation, home working, child care, horticulture / food production and exercise. This flexibility allows for endless possibilities by simply lifting the floor boxes and rebuilding the space.


The space can create, bleachers, terraces and hybrid configurations. Reflektor’s unique docking system creates a transit space within the connected room, this space can be designed as a home working or social node. We see Reflektor as solution to a rapidly growing issue of home working / living. We believe a paradigm shift in the way we work will occur after this pandemic. Our desire for a better living and
work balance maybe in striking distance yet we must have the tools to allow change in our homes.


Our well-being and desire for a connection to nature could not be more profound than it is right
now. Reflektor enables a space which breaths new life into our tired homes. That revolutionises
our relationship with fossil fuels. That ushers in a new clean generation of home energy. A space that
improves our wellbeing via sustainable building materials while safeguarding the future, lets reflect a better tomorrow today.