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"a space to grow fruit
x vegetables 
cooking x storage
of preservatives


Located in Borough of Ealing, London the brief was simple a space to grow fruit and vegetables,  harvest, prepare, cook and storage of preservative . A space that would allow year round cultivate of plants.


Cromdale is a grand Victorian Mansion House with a strong architectural presence. Our intervention is centred around 6m slot aperture running north to south, aligned with the new entrance, guests are greeted by the sky above. Sightlines are design along the hall like space framing the garden as a natural backdrop. 

Cromdale Exterior II.jpg

A series of White Oiled Ash panels wrap the interior walls of the space, running from the front to rear concealing a utility room, a pantry and storage. Bespoke joinery was designed for the space constructed from Tulipwood, Ash and Oak. The pantry constructed from solid oiled oak is tailored to 

the needs of preservative storage with bespoke shelves and draws integrated. Working with Constructive & Co & Russian for Fish we even went as far as designing our own unique minimal handles and pulls. 

Off white marble wraps around the kitchen finger island, sink and cooking space wrapping up the wall in a large single piece. Creating clean lines for a working surface designed to prepare fruit and vegetables. 



"white oiled
ash wall panels
wrap the
front to

utility room
a pantry
and storage"


Our intervention created a secondary entranceway to the property set within angled brickwork the  overhung pocket shelters visitors from the weather.


Resembling a giant pegboard the pair of doors conceal a small storage area. Using bespoke designed planters which enable a growing wall which can be rearranged season to season. In the evening the doors are illuminated from within acting as a lantern.