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'a pair of woven 

clad studios, 

sit beneath the trees,

the forms 'kiss'

creating a

gateway to the river'



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At the banks of the River Purwell a pair of woven clad studios sit beneath the canopies of the trees. The studio volumes form or ‘kiss’ creating a gateway to the river beyond. The smaller of the volume houses a home office. The larger volume is designed as a bespoke yoga studio which can open up to the landscape allowing exterior yoga classes. A series of stepping stone platforms connect the landscape and studios to the river. The studios were carefully considered around the existing trees, micro piling ensures minimal impact on the environment and landscape. A pair ridged roofs are clad with Shou Sugi burnt Accoya timber forming a strong geometric form. The cladding is inspired by twigs and nesting birds a series of timber battens are layered to form a façade full of texture and depth.


The exterior cladding is a bespoke system burnt Accoya timber battens are layered to form a unique rainscreen. The roof is clad with similar burnt Accoya cladding using a ship lapped profile, the timber forms a strong geometry ridged roofline. Internally a palette of pale Douglas Fir plywood and Whitened mass timber beams form an impressive exposed spine roof.


Date - 2022 Cost M2 - GIFA - 35m2 Structural Engineer - Balanced Structures

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